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The term “customer” refers to a person who purchases services from TwinProfs.com and is adequately informed concerning the regulations and policies documented on our website. Therefore, the customer agrees to comply with the set policies and is accountable for all practices carried out on our website.

The term “Product” refers to different kind of written works, including essays, research and term papers, assignments, theses, and other academic writings. The customer pays for their works, and our prolific assigned writer follows all the guidelines given by the client. To access our products, the customer can only create a personal account on TwinProfs.com

The order procedure starts when a customer submits an inquiry and feeds the needed information into the digital form on TwinProfs.com platform. The client has the role of providing detailed specifications and instructions for the order. However, our company does not accept orders developed live chat, email or over the phone. Consequently, our team offers help to the customer with filling out the developed digital form on our website.

The acceptance of terms and conditions is an agreement between the company and the client. Our firm is required to deliver the terms and conditions, as well as other established policies to the client to read and adhere to all policies on TwinProfs.com. Upon utilizing the services on TwinProfs.com, the customer is advocated to comply with the set laws, rules, and regulations.

The TwinProfs.com products and services, offered to the clients are genuine. Our company restricts any of our written works to be displayed, advertised, published or delivered for commercial gains. Furthermore, the product and services present on TwinProfs.com are for personal utilization only by the clients. Besides, any mishandling of the contents of our platform will automatically result in criminal charges to the offenders. Finally, the material on our website must not be reproduced for personal benefits.

Clients utilize TwinProfs.com website at their own risk. The firm claims the ownership of this website, and we are mandated to allow or prohibit access to our platform for any person, at any time, and for any reason. The clients have the opportunity to visit our site without experiencing any problems or error because our site is safe, secure, and free from malware and viruses. Therefore, any client accessing and using the content on our website bears all the risks and responsibilities. Additionally, the company will not be held accountable for any physical damage to the digital devices or loss of any data when the client faces challenges while downloading information from our site. Despite offering a secure and safe website to our clients, some problems are difficult to avoid because of system failure.

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