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Twinprofs has set a platform targeting to receive personal information from the client such as name, phone number, email address, contact, and country of residence. The provided information is critical to register our clients in our system via and thus, have easier access to track the client’s orders and record his or her preferences. The company has the desire to adjust to the client’s requirements and preferences by considering their feedback and comments concerning our services. Moreover, to enhance efficiency in tracking the transactions to the returning clients in our site, one is not required to provide all the personal details again. However, the client is needed just to fill the order form, and automatically the order will be registered in the TwinProfs system. Consequently, the customer’s personal information is essential to our client support team to give an opportunity to contact the client promptly whenever an emergency arises concerning our services.

The information security is a priority for our customers by storing it safely on our servers. The company has dramatically invested in accessing reliable protection systems to secure the general and private information provided by the clients. The firm operates genuinely to process any amount using only verified payment processors, but no customer’s information concerning payment processors will be stored on the company server to enhance confidentiality. The firm gives a 100% guarantee for the protection of the client’s data assuring not to share the data with a third party or institution. The database containing the customer’s information will only be accessible by the authorized staffs for the sole aim of processing orders. complies with the Online Privacy Protection Act standards that regulate the delivery of services to persons under the age of 13 years. The privacy policy is concerned with data collected through online only. Therefore, every other personal information gathered offline is not validly included in our privacy policy and the firm will not be held accountable.

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